Parenting guidelines

The way you and your family approach alcohol will greatly influence your child’s attitude to alcohol. It will even influence their drinking habits later in life. Parents parents guidlines It’s a good idea to be aware of the spoken and unspoken messages you send out. Making it difficult for your under-age adolescent to access alcohol at home can reduce the early initiation of drinking and the onset of long-term harm.
A helpful resource
A team of researchers from University of Melbourne, and ‘Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre’, have developed a website providing parents with information about the issues faced by adolescents. Within this website lies The Parenting Guidelines for Adolescent Use’. These guidelines offer a set of recommendations to help delay or reduce your child’s alcohol consumption. The guidelines outline:
  • the risks of adolescent drinking
  • how to talk to your children about alcohol
  • how to be supportive of your child.

The website also offers personalised parenting feedback and an online parenting program. Have a look at their online survey here.

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