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Six month Evaluation Report on Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Policy in QLD

Dr Jason Ferris, Dr Renee Zahnow, Professor Peter Miller and Dr Kerri Coomber •   2017
The QLD Government has decided to abandon the introduction of a 1am lockout for bars and nightclubs in 3am Safe Night Precincts (SNPs). The 1am lockouts were part of the second phase of liquor reforms to be introduced on the 1st of February 2017. Cabinet Ministers voted against the introduction of 1am lockouts after an Read more..

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Alcohol: taking a population perspective

William Gilmore, Tanya Chikritzhs, Tim Stockwell, David Jernigan, Timothy Naimi & Ian Gilmore •   2016
This Perspective will outline the scale of the global alcohol problem, the wide-ranging effects of alcohol and the most effective evidence-based strategies to effect a population-level reduction in harm. We will also highlight how clinicians can be good public health advocates and the available downstream strategies they can implement while we wait for governments to take the necessary action.

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Annual Alcohol Poll 2016: Attitudes and behaviours

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) •   2016
The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education’s (FARE) Annual alcohol poll (the Poll) assesses Australians’ attitudes towards alcohol, alcohol consumption behaviours, awareness and experiences of alcohol harms and perspectives on various alcohol policies. In 2016, the Poll was carried out by Galaxy Research for the seventh consecutive year.

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